How to be A Good Parent Effective Tips & Techniques

December 22, 2018


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Entering into the parenthood can be very exciting yet rewarding! This is the new phase that you are probably not experienced about. Not considering the age of your kid, your work for them can never be done. Parenthood is never that easy as it seems, it’s quite a tough job to do! Every parent wants to be the best when it comes to teach the ethics, culture and the most important thing to differentiate between good and bad. After all, at the end all we want is to make our kid a good human being. Change starts when we initiate it; it’s always a good idea to nurture their confidence so that they are independent enough to face anything that comes in their way!

Technology has brought a lot of advancements in our lives, then why not to start it using in a way that just in case if we are no more there to guide our kids, they have our teaching in such a way that can help them be motivated just by listening to it. There are a number of store voice messages app available, which can make them feel your virtual presence, even after you are not with them.

So let’s begin with some of the best tips for an effective parenting!

• Express your love and affection

The best feeling that you can make your kid feel about is the way you express your love and affection for them. A hug or just a warm touch can them realize how much you love them. Never miss this opportunity!

  • Never miss to tell them that you love them the most even if you are angry
  • Try to make them feel comfortable with affection and love
  • You can boost up their confidence with a little encouragement and appreciation, which will help them in future also.

• Compliment your kid

Complimenting your kid is the important part in their overall development. Always make your kids feel good about all the achievements. Make them realize that yes, all of their achievements are acknowledged and you are very proud of all the works they have done.

• Never compare your kid with other kids

Every individual is unique in own way! Try to cherish this fact of your kids and don’t enforce the desires of others on to your own child. If you demoralize them, they may get inferiority complex, which may therefore affect their personal development.

  • Spend some quality time with them

You must know the difference between over protecting your kid and imprisoning your kid. You must make them feel comfortable around you, so that they can discuss their problem with you.

  • Positive parenting

Positive parenting is the combination of teaching and understanding; you understand their issues and teach them how to face them furiously. Try to set certain limits and shown your consistency which will for sure help in good discipline. Induce kindness and firmness both at the same time.


Try to use technology in its best way, store voice messages app which will help you not only in your present but also in your future .It will help you to guide your loved ones even if you are not present with them. Though parenting can be tough, but if you believe in yourself and your abilities you can make your kid a better person.

A Few Tips to Consider For Working Parents

December 22, 2018


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Parenting is never a cake walk for anyone and once you become a parent is a 20 year project if not less. Also, the early years, 0 to 5 are the major and most significant years for a child. We are living in the times when mostly both the parents work and spending quality time with the child is a problem that every other working parent faces. Dr. Richa Ahuja, a clinical psychologist at the Max super specialty hospital says that she has observed that most of the parents are not able to spend quality or quantity time with their kids. The reason is that most of them work for long hours. Once back they are so tired, stressed and drained out that, managing the kids or their tantrums. They want to be at peace and hence are either hooked to their gadgets or television, either as a family together or alone. The idea is to keep peace at home and relax. Sometimes kids are also soft targets for parents. Parents tend to vent out their anger at office on kids at home. Many a times children wants their parent to play with them or spend time with them, but due to the stress of work caused throughout the day parents aren’t able to do so.

Watching too much of TV or exposure to electronic gadgets does affect the child’s developmental behavior in a negative way. Many parents do understand that knowingly or unknowingly they are the ones responsible for too much exposure to gadgets to their children. Many feel guilty for not able to spend time with the child and even end up buying expensive gifts for their kids.

Here are a few tips for working parents on managing your child and work responsibility together.

Communication is the Key – Communication can work very well for you and your partner when it comes to managing your child. For example rather than playing the blame game, a good idea is to take turns to do things. For example if it’s about dropping the child to school, attending PTM, to name a few. This way one of the partners does not feel loaded, particularly when both parents are working.

No Work at home please – Most of us tend to work at home also besides working at office. Avoid making this a habit. Understand that you already are compromising on your child’s well deserved time when you both are working. The idea is to make optimum use of your available time at home. Listen to your child, when the child is talking to you. You may not be aware but not listening to your child could result in low confidence or self-esteem of your child.

Spend time with family – Try spending quality time with your child as a family. Indulge in playing games, doing activities, going for a walk or hike with your family. This helps strengthen up the bond as a family. Particularly on weekends try to engage with your child and rather than showering them with gifts try to teach them to make efforts to earn them.

Have Dinner together – Let dinner time be family time every single day. Cut of yourselves from gadgets and television while on the dinner table and eat together. It’s very aptly said that the family that dines together stays together.