What Has Changed Recently With Entrepreneurs?

March 18, 2019

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Paul Marciano: An Example of a Successful Entrepreneur

Grades and degrees are not important in becoming a successful entrepreneur. They did not grow up in the best places or had great parents. The most important thing is being a successful entrepreneur is your mindset and outlook in life. You don’t have to be super smart to be one, you just have to be someone who sees opportunities and takes them. Paul Marciano, one of the brains behind the popular brand, Guess, has displayed these qualities in his life. Paul Marciano’s secret is in following the ideas that go in his head and pursuing them relentlessly. What made him succeed in his business was his sense of survival and personal discipline. The qualities of a successful entrepreneur as seen in Paul Marciano’s life can be summarized in the qualities given below.

It was the love of the arts, a passion for what he does, that has made Paul Marciano come up with great advertising ideas for their brand. As head of the creative marketing and advertising of Guess, Paul’s passion for the arts simply burst out of him. His artistic advertising campaigns in black and white have made Guess a name in the business world.

Entrepreneurs work hard and are focused on their dream and vision. When there is a challenge they face it. They stick with their passion and see through it. What separates that successful entrepreneur from the unsuccessful ones is pure perseverance.

An entrepreneur is dedicated to his work not because someone pushes them to do so but simply because there is motivation within them and in turn they also motivate others.

There is optimism in a successful entrepreneur’s outlook. They have vision which they share with others. Successful entrepreneurs know what they are doing, their goals and his role in achieving success.

A good entrepreneur has goals. And with his goals, he does everything he can to reach these goals. He doesn’t do anything that does not relate to his business; everything he does has a purpose.

Successful entrepreneurs are creative. Successful entrepreneurs look at the world differently and they also think outside the box. Successful entrepreneurs have big ideas that come from their creativity, from their way of thinking that is different from everyone else’s. The look forward to new ways of doing things and how they can make it better. They are not satisfied with the status quo and so they are able to create something that can change the world.

It is in taking risks that entrepreneurs have become successful. This is sometimes necessary to achieve your goals. You will never get anywhere if you are afraid to try. Don’t let potential failure or uncertainty hinder you from pursuing your goals. Most successful entrepreneurs have seen the rewards more than the risk to make them persevere towards their goals.

These traits of a successful entrepreneur were seen in Paul Marciano’s success.

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