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March 18, 2019

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Useful Tips For Choosing The Right E-Liquid

Of all the elements found in the world of personal vaporizers and electronic cigarettes, the E-Liquid is the one that stands out. This substance is the one that every vape user need to be concerned about. The reason for this is because the e-juice is the major component that is found in electronic cigarettes that produce vapor.

The most common that is used to sell electronic cigarettes is through cartridges and cartomizers that come prefilled with the e-juice. When the products run out, all you need is to go for refills which generally is viewed as a method that is affordable. The tricky part in this process is making the suitable buying decision for the proper e-liquid. The market is saturated with an expansive selection of cheap and expensive liquids which makes the process of picking the right one complex.

The factor of price is one that preoccupies your mind when you are out buying the e-juice. It is understandable when most consumers are wary of cheap products for obvious reasons. This means that the availability of least expensive products does not look attractive to many consumers. However, it is not automatic that cheap stuff is equated to inferior quality. The forces of demand and supply are now the determinant factors for pricing as a result of the cut throat competition in the vape market.

In choosing the right vape juice you will have to deal with the issue of PG/VG content. The other factor will be the nicotine level in the e-liquids. As a vaper the ratio you go for when it comes to PG/VG all boils down to the vaping device you are used to alongside personal preferences. In most instances the preferred ratio for most users is the 50/50 blend since it has proved to work perfectly well with them.

Whereas the PG and VG perform similar purposes, there are certain differences between them. PG is a derivative of petroleum while the VG is a by-product of vegetable oil. Liquids that have VG are highly resistant to heat whereas the PG based will produce a burnt flavor if subjected to high heat.

You need to decide the level of nicotine you will go for when choosing your e-liquid. You will have the chance to make your choice of nicotine level from the variants of the same brand offered for sale. Citing health concerns some users prefer to have a lower level of nicotine. This cannot be done in the case of traditional cigarettes. It is advisable to begin on a higher intake of nicotine and gradually reduce the content to the levels you regard as comfortable.

Testing the various e-liquids variants available in the market is highly recommended. You will be accorded the chance of testing the juice flavors in offline shops. When it comes to online shops you can consider buying special tester packs.

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