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March 18, 2019

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Get to Know More SOF Missions

Being a warrior and a pilot, being a winner is inevitable. Having been blessed with a couple of great achievements in life, we began to question if the worldly tributes would bring us a sense of satisfaction is really worth it in the kingdom of eternity. As time goes on, we ask ourselves, what does God consider as winning? as a person who has faith, what does it appear to be a real champion in the kingdom of our Creator?

In this day and age, it is so simple to obtain the impression that winners must have strong personalities who insistently promote themselves and are independent. Our lives are overwhelmed with celebrity opinions, Instagram photos, ads, and digital media feeds of power, perfection, decadence and wealth. But then again, the Kingdom of God is radically different. Our Savior have it in reverse, the last will be the first, the least are the greatest, the poor are the rich, and the weak are the strongest. One of His apostles have said that what was worth crowing about was his weakness because this is where Gods power shine the most.

By means of letting create strong relationship, this form of missions group would assist the warriors and their families to strengthen their sense of purpose and hope. This mission group offers a holistic path to having a psychological, spiritual and physical resiliency by means of nationally structured partnerships as well as a growing number of hometowns where they operate. This organization is creating a trustworthy network that is reinforcing their warriors and those who are supporting them.

About 20 people are die from suicide every single day. And this organization would fight until that number goes down to zero. This organization started in 2011 with the aim to make an atomic influence to transform and change the world. They are health care professionals, veterans, group leaders, contractors, volunteers, missionaries and every day people who are very passionate about create a positive difference in life.

Their aim is to give support to the people who are struggling with the visible scars and even the invisible ones and give them the appropriate tools in order to surmount the negative impacts of the combat.

The missions of this organization is vital and they need more people behind it, and they need more organizations who share the same goals as them. As a man of faith, we know that we are capable of making a difference in this world.

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News For This Month: Tips