Does A Mother Play The Lead Position In Parenting?

December 24, 2018


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The thought of initiating a family for a couple is a matter of immense happiness but along with that, it takes along a great responsibility of nurturing your kids in the right way. The perfect balancing act is necessary with respect to handling the financial & emotional phase to bring the right stability in the family. These two keys will be unlocked if there is a good amount of honest attention, communication, sharing & logic understanding is exchanged among the family on a regular basis. The process of parenting takes a lot of your concentration, patience and time which is the need of a child and they look forward to getting it from you. Mother’s stance towards the upbringing of the child creates a bond of sensitivity & tenderness for the child. It is the deep emotional connection a mother makes with the baby as she carries it inside her for a long span of time, going through plenty of pains & discomfort which finally pays off when she brings the bliss of life into the world. Father’s too get the hit of intense sentiment during this time but the emotional connection they lack in showing which only a mother feels and shows it towards the child. The sentiment of a mother when raising the child is more towards the verbal way of expression. She tries to pick the calm, positive & clearer way of communication towards the child. She wants that the child’s specific needs are fulfilled and also watches out their reaction towards a particular decision made towards them. Mother’s come towards more of the caring, protective & attentive side when it comes to parenting. On the other hand, father’s showcase their approach in a way of more anticipation from their children. They want the child to do something which shows astonishing results & push the kid to achieve great heights while breaking their limits. Father’s normally lack the emotional connection compared to mother’s which results in the child’s behavior of being more open to their mother when compared to father. Moreover, when it comes to multi-tasking women master it better compared to men. The parenting procedure involves tedious row of tasks which are to be handled together and at some point of time fathers take a back step. Modern mothers have established themselves as the “supermom’s” who manage the family affairs as well as office space. They work out the everyday tedious schedule astonishingly without a pause presenting a smooth functioning of the family.

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