What to Look for if Asking How Do You Know if He is Thinking About Me

July 8, 2020


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Insecurity in relationships can lead to breakups because they cause people to underestimate the extent of the devotion of their partner. A lack of security can affect either partner, but women are often the ones to question the feelings of their boyfriends. A lot of the questioning occurs because of how differently men and women express their emotions. Women often have no difficulty verbalizing their affection for someone, so they may feel undervalued when their partner does not openly return the same level of adoration. A remedy for the insecurity is for women to learn how to read the signs of their partner’s love.

Listen to Him

If you wonder how do you know if he is thinking about me, listen to him while he talks about things other than the relationship. A man may not openly discuss love or missing someone, but they often say plenty of things that show it is true. The hints come from a guy saying he was telling someone about what happened on a recent date or what his girlfriend said. He may also mention that someone likes a song his girlfriend also likes or enjoys the same movie. The references mean his partner is in his thoughts throughout the day.

Appreciate all Gifts

Sometimes, flowers, jewelry, and chocolates are all that women consider real gifts. Instead, look at the full picture. Did he happen to grab your favorite snack when stopping at the store? Does he insist on paying for dinner or covering admission to the movies? Maybe the gift was missing a sporting event to spend time doing what his you preferred.

Watch His Reaction

Think about how he responds when together. Men show their happiness through having a good attitude when out on a date or when he ignores the texts coming in and only pays attention to the conversation. Making eye contact from across a room causes him to smile or he introduces you to his friends instantly when they happen to meet up in public.

People can say wonderfully romantic things without meaning any of them. A more definite sign of love and appreciation is how he acts when you’re together as a couple and how his attitude improves when he has you at his side. Pay attention to the signals men unintentionally give to reduce feelings of insecurity.