Discover Some Funny Questions to Ask a Guy

March 24, 2019


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When a woman is trying to get know a man, she may find it difficult to keep small conversations going. Engaging a man’s attention is not always easy, but the right questions can get him motivated to keep the conversation going. With these funny questions to ask a guy, a woman will be sure to tickle his funny bone and gain his attention at the same time.

Questions That Will Make Him Laugh

Getting a guy to laugh is one of the best things a woman can do when she is interested. Most men love a woman they can laugh and joke around with. If a woman can engage his sense of humor, he is likely going to be more willing to stick around for a longer conversation. The following are some funny questions a woman should consider asking a man.

  • Does he have any odd family members? Most everyone has some crazy aunt, uncle, or other family members they can tell stories about. Often, this question will bring on laughter and a few funny stories about the relative, which can open the lines of communication.
  • What is the grossest thing they have ever done? This question might just catch him off guard, but he will proudly grin and proceed to tell about his gross encounters. A woman needs to be prepared for just about any answer with this question.
  • Has he ever been pranked really hard? Many men are jokers and they love playing pranks on their friends. Get him to talk about this subject, and a woman will learn just how silly he can be.
  • What is his most embarrassing moment? When a man starts to feel comfortable around a woman, he will often be willing to humiliate himself in front of her. Asking him about his most embarrassing moment is a great way to get him to start talking.

Discover More Questions

Getting to know a man better is easier when a woman makes him laugh. The funny questions above are a sure way to get him to start laughing and engage in further conversation. Visit the website today for more questions and tips.