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December 29, 2018

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The Basics of Power Resistors

Power resistors are essential for a wide array of electrical applications. While there are some electronics that only require low power resistors, there are those that require high power resistors. You need less than a watt to operate low power resistors. For high power resistors, though, a watt is needed and more. For purposes of power conversion, power supplies, heaters, dynamic breaks, and amplifiers, high power resistors are utilized. Here you will read the basics of power resistors and more.

To start, what can you expect from power resistors? The first thing that you need to know about power resistors is that they come with two terminals as an electrical component. These terminals produce both voltage and electrical current. Resistor is the element that gets to pass through this electrical current. Voltage is the power that is required for the current to flow through the circuit that is given. Meanwhile, what controls the current flow will be the resistance that is measured in Ohms. The use of power resistors helps to control the flow of these currents found in your electronic devices. It is crucial for this current flow to be properly regulated because if it will not, then you can expect that your electrical component or part will not be able to function to what it is intended to do.

Now, when it comes to these power resistors, you can choose from different types of them. For example, one type of power resistor is the carbon resistor where a bar or rod of carbon material will be used to have the leads attached to it. Nonetheless, if you are looking for minimal resistance tolerances and being able to dissolve a lot of power, then carbon resistors are not for you. One way for you to find out what type of power resistor will work best for the kind of electronics application that you have in mind is to speak with an expert in power resistors like a representative of a power resistors company. A carbon resistor is a cheap option and would be a perfect choice if what you are going to use it for will be enough.

If you are looking for power resistors that can offer you better tolerances, then you should go with those made of metal films or oxides. For this type of resistor, the most common is the wirewound resistor that is capable of dissipating larger power levels compared with other power resistors. Furthermore, these wirewound resistors are able to control temperatures much better. When you are required to deliver precision with your electronic device, then a wirewound resistor is the best power resistor for you. This is actually the kind of power resistor that is being used among modern-day circuits.

No matter what kind of power resistor you will go for, you just have to make sure to keep track of its resistance, tolerance, top voltage rating, and power rating.

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