Ways To Deal With Your Child’s Tantrums

December 22, 2018


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Tantrums can range from crying to screaming, kicking to hitting depending on the reason. It is considered a normal part of childhood development. It is equally common for both boys and girls and takes place in the age of 1-3 years. The intensity of tantrums also varies from child to child, some may have it often and some once in a blue moon. There are various circumstances that lead to tantrums in a child, they are:

  • When a child is hungry, tired or is not able to get something they need, tantrums may take place. It is a skill to deal with frustration and it takes time for children to overcome this irritation.
  • In the 2nd year of a child’s life, tantrums are most common because language development starts from this year. They are not able to say what they want or feel which in turn leads to a frustrating experience further developing a tantrum. Once there is an improvement in language, the intensity of the tantrum also decreases.
  • Every child wants independence and control of the environment. They think that they are able to manage things all by themselves. But when they discover that they are not able to do it and cant have everything that they want, they have tantrums.

Tantrums cannot be eliminated but it can be prevented from happening in the first place. Here are some ways that can be of help

  • Control Of Little Things

Do not let the child feel that they are being forced to or dominated, let them take their decisions. Allow them to make a choice by putting up questions like do you want orange juice or apple juice? This way they will feel having a control on the situation and the decision by them will also be well kept.

  • Distracting Your Child

The attention span of little ones are very short, they cannot concentrate for a longer period of time. Parents can make use of this opportunity and offer something else which they cannot have. Children get frustrated too often with the activity they perform and to get rid of this frustration, parents can start a new activity in order to replace the irritation.

Example- Take your child outside or move to a different room.

  • Learning New Skills Through Play

According to Maria Montessori “Play is the work of child”. A child can imbibe a lot of skills through play. Toys play a major role in the playtime of children. Provide your child with age appropriate toys and see them flourish in the right direction. This way the child will stay busy for longer period of time and moreover have less tantrums.

One must remember that tantrums are not the cause for concern and it stops on its own. These few ways can reduce intensity of tantrums but it cannot be avoided. As children grow, they get matured and gain control of their temperaments. They learn to cooperate, communicate and cope with frustration. Less frustration leads to fewer tantrums and further happy parents.